Friday, 21 December 2012

SYM T2 Review

Recently get a chance to review the SYM T2 250i. This bike was launch around April-May 2012, and Malaysia is the first ASEAN country to launch. Well honestly I do not know that SYM do have a 250cc street bike model apart of its scooter series.

Took it for a 320 KM test from Klang- Bentong - Fraser Hill - Ulu Yam- Batang Batu Dam- Batu Caves and back. The hole journey is a perfect blend of high speed curve, low speed curve, straight speedway, slippery mountain passage and country road.

Overall this bike is as brilliant as its scooters brothers and sisters. Quality of this bike is good but not excellent( do not compare it with Japanese CBU as it will be unfair). Power delivery is no question and it is in fact a little torquey. There is surprisingly no hesitation of power when climbing uphill- with pillion, yeah I just said that, with pillion. This bumble bee is a little heavy if you were to compare with Honda CBR250 or Ninja 250R as it is at a hooping 173KG dry weight.

The feature of this bike is of its fuel consumption, average 30km/liter which make its full tank capable of traveling 420KM or more at lower speed. Top speed around 120KM/H with the panel indicator showing 150KM/H ++, can not demand much seems the speed sensor is like most underbone - located at the front wheel instead of the front sprocket.

The only down side of this bike is a little bit soft suspension which make HIGH SPEED cornering a little wobbly. Stock tyre just cant keep up with those who are going for a spiritual riding, a better soft of dual compound tyre should be replaced. Braking is sufficient for this power plant and weigth.

Heard that SYM is selling for RM16+++k for this model, well at this moment I would said it is a little expensive as it has NAZA BLADE biting it ass at a much lower price and also HONDA attracting people with its brand name. Well, stay tuned on my detail review in next month WTR magazine.


Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Ko Lanta - Another Beach Paradise

I have been thinking for this ride for about half a year. Finally made it last week with several other riders friends. Originally location set was Phucket but I suggest to go for Ko Lanta which is less populated and commercialized. Should said a good decision seems Phucket which is 200+ KM more will be our next ride after this. By far, this is my longest cross border ride, 1700KM in total, took 14 hours for us to reach. We push off 4am sharp Malaysia time, made a lot of stop almost every 100KM, else the girls might go crazy, haha.

Although push off at early morning but we reach border around 11am and clear the immigration point in 2 hours, pretty long but heard some experience worst. In Thailand we also made a lot of stop mainly to refresh ourselves. 7-11 is really popular in Thailand, they are kinda populated the place, everywhere you see one.

8 Bikes at our first stop in Thailand

Group photo

Handsome Kenneth

CL complaining about the ride?

We finally arrived at our destination at 6.30 Malaysia time over there, not enough time to have fun at the beach, better just leave it to another day. We rally again at the lobby after 1 hour and head for dinner.

Night view of one of the beach

We went to bed after all sort of chitchatting, there is not much night life in Ko Lanta, a rather unpopulated place compare with Phucket, less commercialized and crowed indeed. This is where to relax and have a laid back holidays!  The next morning we went down to the island and up after breakfast. Others choose to visit Lanta Old Town where I miss it, I spend the late afternoon time at one of the beautiful beach, nap, soak in the sea and swim .....nice!

Good Morning

'Kwe Teow' in Thailand

The iconic Tom Yam for Thai

Green Curry, something I am looking for

We ate a lot

Lets ride down the island

Nice view

Kenneth and his Wii-Strom

Henry and his FJR

Another group photo

Kenneth messing around with the Honda

Noob face


Keep in formation.....

Crazy view



In harmony


Our coconut vendor

Have refreshing coconut juice here

Hello kid

We picnic at the beach


I do not know what plant is that

Nice bikini girl and the sun set, haha!

Two of our friend we met, one cycle up from Malaysia and another from Bangkok, well done mates!

The machines!!!

This is a nice ride overall, my debut for many more cross border long ride.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

East Coast Trippin'

East Coast Malaysia is another paradise in Malaysia, clear sandy beach, cool air and clear water. Not much I can describe of it and the pictures say it all. Decided to do my first east coast ride, 2 days one night. I will be stopping at several places, mostly outskirt. Spend one night at Dungun, Terengganu and head back to my home town at the next day.

21th October 2012

Finish my trip one day ago, a brief introduction on my trip - first stop at Bentong for breakfast, later on ride the old back road pass through Sungai Koyan, Gua Musang, Tasik Kenyir, Marang. Stay one night at Dungun and rode to Mersing and back to my lovely home town Batu Pahat the next day. Total distance is 1090 KM. This is also one ride to prepare for another upcoming Ko Lanta,Thailand ride which is 850KM one way. 

Tasik Kenyir, the largest man made lake in South East Asia, previously an ore mining place. Too bad it was raining on and off at Tasik Kenyir, did not stay too long over there.

Silly look

CL's boots
Finally reach our destination - Kuala Abang Beach
Another nice view

Weather is not so good
CL at the beach

The beast picture I took

Another beach that we stop by on the road from Pekan to Rompin, the best beach in my opinion, clean, not populated, located just beside the coastal road
CL wondering around
Another work of mine

Nice trip, too bad second half of the trip was raining quite heavily at some area, the worst is when pass by some truck and red muddy road. Not a pleasant thing when water and red mud mix, catalyzed with big fat truck at the front which make overtaking become very challenging. Any way, plan to come back next year after the east coast monsoon season. Good ride.  

 Release of my article on DEC 2012 issue World Tour Ryder (WTR)