Monday, 28 March 2011

A very very wet Genting Highland day ride

Decide to change my beloved ER6n front tire today as it already had a very fashionable 'punk' hair cut and if i did not change it, the next to have a 'punk' hair style will be me. Went to change it at Sport Rider located at Bandar Baru Klang. Cost me RM370, consider cheap and reasonable for a Japan made premium touring tire. Why so called premium? It is the best hit for the bug in its class, Bridgestone Bettalax BT021 Premium Touring tire...nah......some of you even do not care what is that.

Anyway, i met up with one guy when he saw me first arrived and volunteered to try out my  bike as he complain that his new bought ER6f( not even hit the first 1k mileage) sound is normal for a new bike, some more she even didn't' hit her first 1k. After some chit chat, he just invite me for a ride to Genting on Friday, he is the sport rider boss close friend for 20 plus years....these kaki usually go Genting on Friday or Saturday.....well i am very interested to go but yet to confirm with them. This remind me that recently i did one ride with another two of my friend to Genting on a wet day.

The ride was planned long ago but only executed that day although that early in the morning the weather did not look good....well......a planned ride is a planned ride, it is not Armageddon, who the hell you want to quit, we are bikers. So as the ride begun and ended up shivering at the top especially Ruben who is so thin.......the heat of the coffee just do not help.....

At the top we just met up with some of the friendly RX-7 owners, some turbo charged, some ori spec....well, i still prefer bike on a winding road, especially you can blend together with the road and environment on each turn, well honestly not a nice ride because of the rain but any how better than drive while your visibility even minus a staggering 80% (well i made up the count my self). Plan to do another ride in the morning....but any how see how the coming Genting night ride will be....lets see

Fairuz and Ruben

The bikers and drivers

Our lovely RX-7 hardcore uncle

the machines

ER6n, ZX2R and Honda 'ST100" at the back if you are able to spot it


speed rider

road killer

and at last the dump ass

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Do you dare? two wheel tour around the world....

Well, just get tagged by my friend on Facebook, is a news of a couple doing a world voyage. They took 2 and a half years of planning saving and one year to complete it. It is really shocking, not because of the time length, is because, they are Malaysian, of cause the male is a British. Really thumbs up for them, may i call them dare devil?Ha!

Riding round the world always my dream, besides the energy and skill to complete, the major problem will be the funding. The two give up everything, sold the car, job, etc and jump into this so called silly, insane activity for some other else. For me, i do not think they are crazy or insane, I still do not have the courage to do so, or maybe one day when i am capable enough, i may do it on a bike.  Rm200k around the world, others may said why not take flight, or back pack or packages. People who do not know how to ride may not understand the joy riding can give you, concealed inside a metal box and travel is not an option for me this kind of typical outdoor going kaki. I like to blend into the environment, thats just simple, dangerous, it is very subjective, as I would just stop the argument.

Well, what they did is really something, wish that one day i can do something similar, best with my love one, if there is in the the link goes, enjoy....

Saturday, 26 March 2011

penang ride ( first and second)

Hi everyone, this is my very first time blogging and first post. As so i would like to share my latest ride on 12-13th March 2011 to Penang Island as well as 18-19th December 2010 . Well, technically it is actually my second ride but this time is to accompany my friend who would like to bring his bike up to penang so the second ride consider a dual from Klang to Bidor and to Penang. Upon reaching Penang we were join by our dear course mate and become a trio.

Well i better start with the first ride , the same guy(my friend whom i accompany from Bidor to Penang) pillion with me and the other biker Dear Mr Ruben, he was also our course mate, now my colleague.
From the left, Ruben , Me, Keith Ow

The hotel we booked was Catahay Hotel located in George Town. Bloody hell, i cant believe that with just RM75 one night for three person, i mean one bed for one person.....

I would say Penang is a paradise for food, vacations, girls..........well when talking about girls.....we did not really get a nice view in, maybe we just do not have the intention at the first place. Upon reaching, and after unload, we first hit Keke Lok Si, but first off all, you must have a nice Penang Laksa beside the famous Air Hitam wet market...yummy............

 it is tasty, i ate two as Keith.......

leng zai
oh yeah, I am handsome

Well after Kek Lok Si, we hit the road......well i bet many do not know that the road leading up after kek lok si is another nice paradise. Is is Air Hitam dam, quite a nice place.
 guess which one is mine?

he really enjoying it!!!!!

it is really a nice place

Well back to hotel......and next stop, hit the steam boat ....


f*** u umno

The next day, we rode on jalan balik pulau.....a road after batu ferringi....a paradise for biker......nice and smooth picture on the second ride, before going back, we visited another nice place, heard that all the occupants share the same sir name.....

super dupa zoom lense

well, for the second it is, bidor, first stop.......

Mr and Mrs Ow

do i look dump?
so we reach hee khim house.....
and a trio to ow place....whahaha

leng zai?
and a re-visit to air hitam dam....but cna you belief a penang local can never been to this place and two outsiders introduce to him.....what the hack!
hey Hee Khiem, i and be your wedding photographer at this place

cheng ling 会被你lam 死,oh yeah!!

he has a hug arm!

well this time the main course is a trio at balik pulau!!!
2 fast 2 furious no1

three man, three bikes

also a heaven for cyclist-balik pulau

sacred place

the last hair pin loop follow up by this curve........nice ride!

penang laksa just right at the last curve

leng zai in action

bahau dam

i feel so good!

cub chai also can do it ,yeah!

peaceful place

2 fast 2 furious no 2

what a nice visit........even for the second will be a third, the road only , can make you get