Friday, 26 July 2013

Er6n/F/650R tank and air box removal

So as happened suddenly that one of my friend was asking do I know how to remove the tank and air box for spark plug replacement. Lucky that at the following day I am planning to do another plug change and air filter replacement. Here are the steps.

1) Remove the two bolts fastening the fuel tank after removing the seat.
2) Push out the red clip of the fuel hose with a flat head screw driver before pulling out the fuel hose from fuel pump.

3) Remove the fuel pump power socket, fuel gauge power socket and also two breather hose at the left side of the fuel tank.

4)Then unscrew the 4 screw with screw driver

5)You will see 4 Allen screw securing the air box with throttle body, unscrew them and remove the air box(beware to also unplug the engine breather hose connecting air box and engine)

 6)Remove the power socket connected to the stick coil before pulling it out, do not worry to use a little force to pull it out, it will be quite tight in there.

 7) Remove the spark plug with the socket tools come with your bike, a universal joint will come in handy when removing, it is fine if without. Replace with a new spark plug.


 8)Tighten back the spark plug with a 180 degree turn of half a turn from hand tight. The stick coil should have a tick sound when press down holding the spark plug. It should look like the picture below.

9) Connect all power socket back to the stick coils.

 10) Put back the air box as the same sequence and you had done your plug change, do not forget to also wash your air filter seems you already remove your tank. I might be putting a more detail guide on removing the air filter when my BMC filter arrived, time to replace the DNA one haha.