Tuesday, 16 October 2012

East Coast Trippin'

East Coast Malaysia is another paradise in Malaysia, clear sandy beach, cool air and clear water. Not much I can describe of it and the pictures say it all. Decided to do my first east coast ride, 2 days one night. I will be stopping at several places, mostly outskirt. Spend one night at Dungun, Terengganu and head back to my home town at the next day.

21th October 2012

Finish my trip one day ago, a brief introduction on my trip - first stop at Bentong for breakfast, later on ride the old back road pass through Sungai Koyan, Gua Musang, Tasik Kenyir, Marang. Stay one night at Dungun and rode to Mersing and back to my lovely home town Batu Pahat the next day. Total distance is 1090 KM. This is also one ride to prepare for another upcoming Ko Lanta,Thailand ride which is 850KM one way. 

Tasik Kenyir, the largest man made lake in South East Asia, previously an ore mining place. Too bad it was raining on and off at Tasik Kenyir, did not stay too long over there.

Silly look

CL's boots
Finally reach our destination - Kuala Abang Beach
Another nice view

Weather is not so good
CL at the beach

The beast picture I took

Another beach that we stop by on the road from Pekan to Rompin, the best beach in my opinion, clean, not populated, located just beside the coastal road
CL wondering around
Another work of mine

Nice trip, too bad second half of the trip was raining quite heavily at some area, the worst is when pass by some truck and red muddy road. Not a pleasant thing when water and red mud mix, catalyzed with big fat truck at the front which make overtaking become very challenging. Any way, plan to come back next year after the east coast monsoon season. Good ride.  

 Release of my article on DEC 2012 issue World Tour Ryder (WTR)