Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Cameron Ride on February 2012

This is my latest ride to Cameron Highland with my friends (he and his girl friend). It was so lucky that the weather was so great through out the weekends.

 Some people may ask, why Cameron Highland. Well, I can only smile, it is for me, the road, the scenery, the temperature. I will try the sungai koyan route next time from betong, heard that the view even nicer and 'greenier', most of all, very very very low traffic volume.....sound great heheh..

At the top of Gunung Brinchang
Just a very simple visit to the highland tea house, and farms...and most importantly the highest hill in Cameron Highland, Gunung Brinchang. The weather was cold, or I should say freezing when you reach the top of the watch tower. Wind speed was really high at the top of the watch tower.

Actually the tea are just normal, maybe I am not good in tasting western red tea
Riding at cameron is really a joy provided it do not rain.

View outside the tea farm, just right before the junction you go up Gunung Brinchang
The room rate is quite cheap over there if you try out those guest house, what I went is 8 Mentinggi Guest House, the environment is good, not so noisy, most importantly, a good bang for the money. Ha!
Had a can of beer at night, well, not nice, I dont drink beer
Nice shoot,she is not my gf
yeah! nice one