Monday, 17 September 2012


I have been in photography for quite some number of years, 3 years on DSLR. But shame to say only recently I am trying to produce some 'edited' picture. Edited pictures are kind of no no for me before then, but think carefully, even my DSLR sensor postprocess picture before I can view it in the LCD screen at the back because every sensor can only takes RAW file where can not be view by any normal software. As a result the camera will process the image before output it for you to view. So recently took some RAW image and process it in photoshop kind of program.

There is one technique we call it HDR (high dynamnic range) where computer render same picture taken in different exposure(i personally prefer differ the brightness)  and merge it into one. The end result, stunning high contrast, drawing like picture, dramatic too. Any way, these are some of my recent product.