Saturday, 18 August 2012

Home cook food

I was thinking for posting some home cook food for a long time. Lets have a look on some of those food that I captured either cooked by my mom or me.
Fry Noodle

Fry Mee Hoon

Fry Egg with Thai vegetable(Cha Omm)

Sea Weed Soup

Yam Cake

Flour Cake Soup

Another close look

My Tomato Sauce Spaghetti


Chinese Style Mushroom Mix Veggie Soup

Fry Kwe Tiao (style 1)

Thick Sea Weed Soup

Fry Egg with Mushroom

Chicken Rice

Fry Fish


Fry Kwe Tiao ( style 2)

Rice Noodle Soup

White Sauce Spaghetti ( more appropriate mushroom sauce)
Dry Noodle