Sunday, 27 March 2011

Do you dare? two wheel tour around the world....

Well, just get tagged by my friend on Facebook, is a news of a couple doing a world voyage. They took 2 and a half years of planning saving and one year to complete it. It is really shocking, not because of the time length, is because, they are Malaysian, of cause the male is a British. Really thumbs up for them, may i call them dare devil?Ha!

Riding round the world always my dream, besides the energy and skill to complete, the major problem will be the funding. The two give up everything, sold the car, job, etc and jump into this so called silly, insane activity for some other else. For me, i do not think they are crazy or insane, I still do not have the courage to do so, or maybe one day when i am capable enough, i may do it on a bike.  Rm200k around the world, others may said why not take flight, or back pack or packages. People who do not know how to ride may not understand the joy riding can give you, concealed inside a metal box and travel is not an option for me this kind of typical outdoor going kaki. I like to blend into the environment, thats just simple, dangerous, it is very subjective, as I would just stop the argument.

Well, what they did is really something, wish that one day i can do something similar, best with my love one, if there is in the the link goes, enjoy....

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