Sunday, 13 October 2013

Ducati Hypermotard 821

It has been a while since Ducati launch their Hypermotard model on 2007. It was a 1078 cc 'Desmo' or 'Desmodromic' aired-cooled two-valve L - Twin design by Pierre Terblanche. This model has a capability of up to 200km/h of speed but the purpose of this bike is built to serve the purpose of conquering the urban jungle.  This year, Ducati has upgraded the engine to a 11-degree Testastretta 821 cc unit from the previous 796 cc. Hopefully the upgrade will bring more fun and reliability to the bike.

Having just a few couple hours riding the bike, it is hell of a monster on the road, tearing everything ahead of it into pieces. The throttle fueling is precise, a typical Ducati way but if I am to choose a word to describe it, it will be ‘explosive’. The bike behaves totally like a monster on every squeeze on the throttle. 

The rides by wire throttle system improve throttle experience, for some people, it may be too light. The testastretta 11 has a reduce valve overlap which improved low speed engine respond and also better fuel efficiency. Having different riding modes to choose from, the engine has different power output according to rider needs. Besides riding mode, it has also traction control and ABS, do not worry too much while the performance being ‘explosive’, you will still not be able to lift the front or rear or any kind of stunt. The Brembo brakes at the front are superb, braking is just a simple one finger action for a bike this light (sub 200KG). Handling is good and I find myself keep riding on the legs straight position all the time. Navigating through traffic is just piece of cake; the commanding position is the key to slice through layers of vehicle with ease. 

Fitted with Pirelli Angel GT, the handling is top notch; knee scratching is just the matter of daring. Total experience on this bike is you feel more like a devil then on a Ducati Monster of
some if it’s other model. In fact this is still a super scrambler of urban jungle; the weight is too heavy for off road purpose.
Hypermotard responded in a very brutal manner, just like its name, every open throttle is equal to a big kick on your back. I am rather ‘hanging’ then holding on the bar when accelerate hard. While maintaining speed, I can feel every punch form the twin and the rear tire is struggling to hold the traction; a total different experience compare with others.

As a conclusion, Ducati Malaysia provides Malaysian riders with a good option of motard to choose from. Starting at a Rm68888 price tag, this CKD model is a good news for many Ducati fan or going to be Ducati fan, all is good but watch out on the tall seat height where this bike might be too tall for someone.

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